‘Karunah Society for Development’ is a society founded with a vision to work for the upliftment of communities in backward areas of country. We are working in the state of Madhya Pradesh primarily.

Karunah’s aim is to work with the backward and needy people of society. We started our activities in 2015, working with building trust with community. Step-by-step we are taking it forward to improve their health, education and livelihood.

We are working with Nahar community of Prabhat Pattan village in Betul district. This community is working with BHILWA nuts and breaks Bhilwa nut to get GODAMBI out of it. The left out of Bhilwa nut is burnt to extract oil out of it. This community is very backward and illiterate. Most of the adults are having habit of smoking and drinking. A community woman works hard to break BHILWA for 6 to 8 hours a day. In crop season, woman goes to farms for labor work.

Bhilwa oil is toxic in nature. While breaking Bhilwa nut, oil from nut sprinkles on body and remains as black spot on body. This spots leads converts in to ‘untouchability’, even in schools, other cast children keep distance from Nahar children. Hence some parents do not send their children to school even.

We are running an activity center to motivate Nahar children towards education and school. We provide them health snacks too. We are also building capacities of Nahar women by providing them interest free loans. As of now we have provided this kind of loan to 30 women.

We are doing research on Bhilwa and its market. We are keen to help community to deal with market directly to earn more and to keep middle man out of the picture.

Trust Building with Nahar Community

We have started working with the Nahar community of Prabhat Pattan village in Betul district.

Community is working with Bhilwa nuts to get its Dry fruit & Oil out of it.

This community is very backward and illiterate. Most of the male adults are having habit of smoking and drinking. Only women members are working with the Bhilwa livelihood. They have black spots and wounds on their hands-legs and other body parts due to toxicity of the Bhilwa oil. This spots, wounds led social distance with other casts. Even the kids are not treated well in schools hence many of the kids are not going to schools even.

We have started:

1. An “Activity Centre” for kids to motivate them towards education.

2. Capacity building of women members by providing interest free loans to them.

3. Health campus for Nahar Community

To strengthen communities by mobilizing,

training, educating them to raise their voices

to bring real change in their life.

To implement sustainable programs

that improves life of backward communities

and underprivileged people to live with dignity.

Society Registration No : 01/06/01/30006/15 dated 25-Aug-2015

Registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration ACT, 1973 

NGO Darpan Unique ID: MP/2017/0161214

GuideStar India No (GSN): 7390 

12AA :AACAK9819N /03/15-16/S-471 dated 11/08/2016

80G : ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2016-17/1000761375(1) dated 31/01/2017

Team members

Self-motivated individuals, who are working with social sector since more than 15 years, came to-gather and formed a group. In August, 2015 this group of individuals is registered as society in Madhya Pradesh.

Harish Hurmade

More than 18 years of experience of working with social sector, he has served large sized organizations at Senior Management positions. He has supported actively many after disaster relief and rehabilitation projects at various parts of country like Kutch Cylone/Earthquake, Kashmir earthquake, Tamilnadu Tsunami, Bihar floods, Gujarat Floods and Uttrakhand floods. Also managed various district, state, national and regional level conferences, workshops and events. Presently he is associated with reputed social sector organization in the capacity of Chief of Admin & HR. He is very experienced in organization system setting up, Governance, Administration and HR/Legal part. He is contributing in vision building, organizational development, fund raising and project planning at society.

Hemendra Chauhan

More than 18 years of experience in engineering sector. Own business of water purificationt. He has worked with many well-known big companies. He will be contributing in management and technical projects at society.

Rupesh Hurmade

More than 16 years in social engineering, civil engineer by profession, having vast experience of working with community projects in urban and rural areas. Managed projects at Banda ache, Indonesia for after Tsunami rehabilitation and at Bihar after Koshi flood rehabilitation. Presently engaged with affordable housing project for urban slums at Bhuj in capacity of project In-charge. He will be contributing in management and technical projects planning at society.

Nikita Gor

16 years of experience in working with social sector organizations, having commerce background, she is experienced in organization governance functions and very good with managing finances. Presently she is associated with well-known educational institution as Administrator. She will be contributing in governance functions, fund raising and outreach activities of society.

Kuldeep Malvi

He is having commerce degree and done Diploma in computer hardware engineering. Owner of IT business at Bodkhi Amla at MP. He is having presence at ground and hence will be contributing at grass route level at Karunah. He will also look after IT functions of the society.

Anita Sonare

More than 12 years of experience, teacher by profession, presently she is teaching at Government Higher Secondary School having Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics. She will be having presence at ground hence will contribute in educational initiatives of society.

Rujul Trivedi

Committed young professional having more than 8 years of experience with industries in the field of operations management, he will be contributing in Public Relations and Projects Implementation. He is very keen to work for needy communities.




She is working on filed for society since its inception. She is residence of Bhuj, Gujarat, however her will to do something for people took her to Pattan, MP. She is staying at Pattan, MP to look after ongoing activities of the society.


Teacher at Activity Centre

She is differently able motivated young girl. She is working with society as teacher since last 2 years. She is completing her study of B.Ed. Her contribution to the activity center is remarkable.


Teacher at Activity Centre

Namrata has joined society since last one year, as Asst. Teacher. She is enthusiastic and contributing well in her capacity.

Proposed Activities

► Building the SHGs of women members and support them with loans and other linkages.
► Seminar at Pattan with community, resource people, researchers, lead people NGOs and Government.
► To discuss the interventions, technics, technology and financial aspects for Bhilwa livelihood.
► Designing tool for Bhilwa nut breaking.
► Providing safety material for Bhilwa breaking.
► Planning a workshop with teachers and parents to come up with future strategy on the education for Nahar Children.
► Awareness campaign to bring awareness against ALCOHOL.
► Medical campus to diagnose health issues and treatment.


    Anju Kaju Kasde

    Earlier we were working with vendor. After getting loan from society, we are purchasing Bhilwa and selling Godamdi at our own. There is good benefit to us.

    Bana Mohan Khade

    We were given work by vendors, where they have enjoyed major profit of our work. Society loan helped us work at our own and to retain profit with us. Earlier we were not having sufficient food at home, but now that is not the situation. Our family is also happy.

    Babita Ramrav Kasde

    I received loan from society to work with Bhilwa. There is good progress in work with loan support and I will keep moving. It is bringing change in our life


    We are in the process of adding more Updates.


    We are working with very less resources at present. We encourage people to join us as volunteers to help us.
    We would also like to invite students as interens from various colleges offering course in social work and rural studies.


    -Field office-

    Activity Centre, Near Ambedkar Bhawan,
    Village Prabhat Pattan, Tahsil Multai,
    District: Betul (MP). Pin - 460665. 
    - Registered Office -

    Main Road, Bodkhi, Amla.
    District: Betul (MP). Pin-460553.  
    - Gujarat contact -

    14-16A, Shivkrupa Nagar, College Road,
    Bhuj-370001. District: Kutch (Guj). Pin-370001.
    Tel: +91-9825553326
    - Other contact numbers -

    +91-9724000888 / 8128196336 / 9977714870 /
    9879397430 / 9827276485 / 9898531819
    Mail us: office@karunahsociety.org